Sunday, January 17, 2010

An introduction.

Hi BlogWorld! My name is Celestial (seriously, there are a pair of people on this planet with enough nerve to name a kid Celestial. But I answer to bunny if Celestial just dosent roll off your tounge.

I recently discovered the world of food blogs last fall, and after reading, exploring, and getting to know all these wonderful peeps, I decided to start my own food blog. Because I found something special in these food blogs, something I can relate to,  found a whole world of wonderful women who all eat just like me. And for all different, personal, unique reasons. This is cool. Because I get kinda lonely in human-land as far as my food choices go.

So what about my food choices? What exactly makes me bring apples and raw macaroons to the movies, or a larabar to a college houseparty, or brings me to f-market every saturday, or finds me hanging out in grocery stores during my freetime?

Long story short, I have/had crohns disease. I was diagnosed when I was 14, thats almost 8 years ago. Alotta junk happened in that 8 years. From the not so happy stuff of prescriptions, painkillers, blackouts, colonoscopys, xrays, ulcers, hellish inflammation , alot of heinous stuff coming out of every orphus and most of all, far too much sadness for one little tweenie bunny to handle.

To the happy stuff. The steady upward line on my weight chart in the gastroenterologists hands. The revelation that I have infinitley more power over my body than any doctor or prescription. The experiments with dietary choices. Choosing to CHOOSE my food folowed with the millions of moments I realized "if I eat x , I barf/bleed/reach for painkillers, if I dont eat x, that WONT happen". Exploring the world of what I could eat that would not only not aggravate  this disease, but would make me better. The revelation that whole food=whole human. Rebuilding my poor little body that had been ravaged by the deadly combination of active digestive disease+prescriptions meds&painkillers+puberty/growing up.

So back to this blog. I am here because I healed myself. And with every morning of oats and hempnut every concsious food choice and every positive, light-filled choice I make, I am continuing to heal myself. This blog will be about my many experiences with crohns/food/happiness in the past 8 years, as well as me, my food and my thoughts in the present day. Hopefully through this I can make the 14-yr-old malnourished, confused, hurting and whacked-on-pain-killers me be friends with the 20-something avacado-addicted, sun-chasing, yoga enthusiast, dancing fool, almost-done-art-school me!

P.S I dont just do food. I do art too.

Thanks for reading, talk to you soon!